Chair of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology


Prof. Martin F. Fromm, MD

Research topics

In spite of the correct use of drugs, a significant proportion of the patients has no adequate drug effect or suffers from drug toxicity. This variability in drug effects can be due to genetic or environmental (e.g. nutrition, comedication) factors. The work of our group aims at a better understanding of the interindividual variability in drug effects and to further optimize drug treatment.

It is now well established that many drugs are translocated through cell membranes via different transporter proteins. In addition to drug transport, metabolism is also an important determinant of drug disposition and effects. Our research focusses on the following topics:

Drug disposition

Cellular uptake, metabolism and export of drugs

- Drug safety
- Drug transporter (OATPs, OCTs, BCRP, P-glycoprotein, MRPs)
- Intestinal and hepatic drug metabolism
- Pharmacogenomics